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    We offer complimentary exterior design mockup, so you know how your home will look like at the end of the project
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    All our crews have at least 7 years of experience, and we audit the quality of every job
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About Us

As the fastest growing siding company in Canada, Ideal Siding is here to offer you the best solution for your needs when it comes to siding projects. Based on the best practices in the siding industry and our vast experience, we have found solutions to improve customer service, labour wages and costs for the homeowners.

We are excited to help you with your siding project and to find a solution that fits your needs.

72 projects completed last year

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We Find an Ideal Solution for You

Your home is where the most valuable memories are built that will last through generations and where you spend the most time. Here, at Ideal Siding, we want to help you to create the house of your dreams with the unique style and design that suits your taste.

Throughout the year more than 500 homeowners rely on our expertise and seek our advice on siding improvements for their homes. Whether it’s a replacement of the siding on the whole house or minor repairs, we will take care of your project with the utmost responsibility and care, guiding you through each step of the process. We offer a wide variety of materials and work only with reputable suppliers.

Reasons to Work With Us

When it comes to siding projects, there’s never the same approach as each house is unique and requires tailored solutions. Over the past few years, we have helped more than 100 homeowners to transform their houses into the homes of their dreams.

1. Leading Workmanship Warranty

Home renovations can be a costly project and a great investment in the value of your house. The new siding can protect your house from the harsh weather elements and save you money in the long term run on never-ending repairs.

Having that in mind, we offer you a 25-year warranty on workmanship, so you do not have to worry about any repairs in the next 25 years. We stand by our workmanship quality and take every project with the utmost responsibility, whether it’s a small repair or the whole house siding replacement.

2. Price Match Guarantee

We know how big of a challenge it can be when it comes to the decision of choosing the right siding contractor company. With so many options available on the market, it can sometimes be a challenge to make the right choice. That’s why we offer to match the competitors’ pricing given it’s the same scope of work and materials used.

We are also very transparent with our pricing structure and the scope of work included in the quote. We work only with reputable siding manufacturers and use high-quality materials. Each project is always completed following the industry’s best practices, manufacturer’s recommendations and the city’s building codes in mind. The vast experience in the industry and efficient practices have helped us to build a competitive pricing structure.

3. Complimentary Design

With the plentiful options for siding materials out there, we know how difficult it can be to decide on the new siding for your home, whether it’s a decision about the colour combination or the design layout. Here at Ideal Siding, we have a solution to make that choice easier for you – we offer complimentary visual design mock-ups for our clients.

After one of our Project Estimators meets with you to discuss the preferred material options and takes your house’s photos, we will create visualizations based on the materials and colours you choose. We work with all major siding manufacturers and provide a variety of siding options to choose from.

Siding Styles We Offer

There are plenty of siding styles and designs available for homeowners these days. We have decided to summarize the most popular ones to make the decision process a bit easier based on the siding market’s most popular options.

Siding Plank

One of the most commonly used and recognizable siding styles on the market. Siding plank is quite versatile as it can be installed vertically or horizontally with many design options and finishes. No wonder it’s a preferred siding choice for the homeowners everywhere. There are lots of siding materials to choose from: vinyl, engineered wood, fiber cement, cedar, aluminum or metal, to name a few.

Siding contractors in Oakville - working with siding planks, panels, shingles
The house on the picture above features Premium Vinyl Plank Lap Siding in Linen Colour from Kaycan

Siding Panels

Siding Panels are starting to gain more popularity with the minimalistic modern architecture styles on the rise. Whether you prefer a smooth or textured finish, panels create clean lines and minimal shadows on the walls. You can choose between the most commonly used profiles such as Board and Batten, Easy Trim Reveal or Open Joint Panels.

Best siding installation company in Canada
The house on the picture above features James Hardie Reveal Panels with Smooth Finish and Surround Trim in Gray Slate Colour

Siding Shingles

Another popular siding style would be shingle panels or shingles (shakes). They give a charming character to the home by creating distinct shadows. Commonly used on certain walls to accentuate the area, especially popular siding choice on gable peaks. Back in the days, cedar was the most popular material for this siding style, but recently there are plenty more alternative options in fiber cement, engineered wood, and vinyl.

Exterior home siding - installation cost in Oakville
The house on the picture above features James Hardie Straight Edge Shingles from Colourplus Statement collection in Monterey Taupe Colour and James Hardie Rustic Grain Trim Boards around windows and doors in Arctic White

How Much Does the Siding Cost?

Below you will find some information on pricing for siding installation:

  • For Vinyl siding installation, the siding installation cost would be approximately $9 – 10 per sq ft. For the whole house, which is 2000 sq ft on average, you might end up paying $18,000 – $20,000.
  • The same-sized house re-sided with James Hardie siding will cost around $12 – $14 per sq ft or $24,000 – $28,000.
  • Comparing to the other two options, cedar siding will be pricier. The average cost is $14 – $17 per sq ft, so the final price will be around $28,000 – $34,000. Please also account for the additional costs for painting and staining of the cedar.

Listed in the table below, you will find pricing for some of the most popular siding options on the East Coast:

Material Price per sq ft*
Vinyl Siding Starts at $8.25
James Hardie (Fiber Cement) Starts at $12.00
Maibec Starts at $14.00
Fraser Starts at $14.00
Cedar Siding Starts at $13.50
Cape Cod (Finished Wood Siding) Starts at $15.50
Stucco Starts at $13.75
Longboard Starts at $29.75
AL-13 Starts at $27.50
Cultured Stone Starts at $26.75
* Price includes labour and material costs for siding, building paper, strapping installation, and waste removal (all included).
Installation Process & What to Expect
Step 1
Old Siding Removal
We begin each new siding project with the removal of the old siding, which depending on the size of the area, can take anywhere between 2 to 7 days. We do not recommend installing your new siding on top of the old one as it might void any material and labour warranties, but there are exceptions to that and one of our experienced Project Managers can consult you on this further. In some cases, where there’s no old siding present we proceed with the next step right away.
Step 2
Sheathing Inspection and Repair
After we carefully remove the old siding, we proceed with the sheathing inspection to check for any damaged or rotted areas. Moisture trapped between the siding and the walls and extreme temperature changes are usually the reason sheathing might deteriorate over time. In the many years of siding renovations projects, we have experienced that only a small percentage of homes require sheathing repairs, and they usually don’t cost more than $3 to $4 per sq ft.
Step 3
Preparation of the Wall for Siding
Once the old siding has been removed and the sheathing has been inspected, we start with the preparation of the walls for the new siding. We begin with the installation of the building paper to protect the walls from the moisture and water getting inside. The next step would be to install the strapping which is highly recommended (but not mandatory). The strapping installation will help to create the airflow between the new siding and the walls of the house prolonging the lifespan of your new siding by 5-10 years.
Step 4
Siding Installation and Touch-up Work
The new siding installation can take anywhere between 7 to 10 days depending on the materials chosen and the design layout. During this step, we would also install flashings, dryer vents, light fixture boxes and bug screens. We use flashings to protect your new siding from the water and melted snow getting inside. Depending on the material type, we would also use touch us on the nail heads to match the siding colour caulking to seal any open areas between the siding boards. At this stage of the project, we also would install soffits, trim boards around windows and doors, overlap corners and other decorative elements on the house.
Step 5
Final Walk and Cleaning Up
Throughout the whole time we are working on your siding project we strive to keep the area as neat and clean as possible. All construction waste will be removed and placed in the recycling bin. After the project has been completed, the Project Manager will check the new siding for any deficiencies that might be present. That’s also when we will set up an appointment with the homeowner to go over the project, the details of the warranties for materials and workmanship. The Project Manager will also provide tips on how to take care of the new siding.

When Can We Start the Project?

We begin preparations for your project right after you sign the quote. If the siding materials that you choose for your home renovation are available in stock with the suppliers, we can proceed with your project without any delays. As one of the biggest siding companies in Oakville, we take pride in the speed and excellence at which we execute each siding project. Let us help you with the home of your dreams!

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We are serving the following cities at the moment: Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton, Guelph and Brampton areas.

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They were fast and extremely friendly

We hired Ideal Siding to repair some siding after our contractor took off without finishing his job.  They started the project the day after I called them – and finished in one day! A family-friendly business that really listened to me and was sensitive to our situation. After having an extremely bad experience with our remodelling contractor – I was hesitant and skeptical of everyone in the siding business.

Ideal Siding renewed my faith and catered to my situation. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for siding. They were affordable (came in as the most affordable bid we got), professional, and friendly. Like!

Kyle C., Oakville

Very personable and hardworking guys who take pride in their work

Ideal Siding’s crew came out and replaced our old rotten cedar siding in just about a week, working well into the evening on their first day. The manager assigned to us treated us great from start to finish and went above and beyond what was expected. He even repaired several things and issues that he discovered along the way and didn’t charge us any extra…. what great customer service, which is rare in this day and age.

I highly recommend them to anyone needing repairs or replacement of siding, gutters, windows, etc….you won’t be sorry. We are already preparing to use them again on our rental property project. Thanks again guys, you do great work!

Charles B., Mississauga

The price and the product that made the most sense to me

I took my time and had a number of quotes to get new siding installed on my house; and of the 6 vendors/contractors that I contacted, Ideal siding had the price and the product that made the most sense to me. Almost a year after I first contacted them, I let them know that I was ready to move forward with the installation, and they were as ready and willing to move forward as the first day I talked to them. From tearing down my 80-year-old, lead-painted cedar siding, to installing and painting the Hardie Plank I wanted, the process was painless and professional.

Can’t recommend this company enough, from the owners to the job site workers, they all take your job seriously (and listening to the workers banter on site was a hoot, thanks to COVID).

Charli E., Burlington

They did an awesome job on our house

We can’t say enough good things about Ideal Siding. They did an awesome job on our house! Their staff is top-notch. They always showed up on time and when they said they would. The crew always cleaned up their mess at the end of the day and made sure no nails or supplies were left in our yard, on the streets or driveways.

The whole staff was a pleasure to work with. They are honest and easy to work with. And by the way, our next-door neighbours were so impressed they hired them to do theirs too. They just finished the siding this week and are getting ready to paint. They are very pleased also.

Rene H., Milton

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