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Ideal Siding is the fastest-growing siding company in North America. We have gathered experience from over a dozen successful siding companies and found a way to improve customer service, labour wages and the price that the homeowner is paying to get the siding replaced.

Ideal Siding Team
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It all started when a friend of Alex Filipuk, the founder of the company, had his salary cut almost in half while working as a siding installer. That friend had to feed his family and was struggling to make ends meet. It happened after the housing crisis of 2007. The amount of work for siding companies was decreasing, and companies started cutting costs and paying installers less than they used to.

Alex then called a few siding companies to see how much they charge for their services and was very surprised to hear that their pricing is 5 times the amount the crew was getting to install the siding.

Of course, every siding project consists of more than just installation; there is demolition, sheathing inspection, preparation, waste removal, and all materials that could be quite costly. Then Alex re-engineered the process a way that would allow the homeowner to pay at least 30% less to the siding company, and the installation crew will get over 50% more than they used to for their hard work.

Alex Filipuk - Ideal Siding CEO
We’re built on trust and committed to quality. Protect your home with an award-winning contractor you can rely on

It was a combination of computer science, financial models, and efficiency improvements. Through our observation, the price in Vancouver, BC, where he started went from $45,000 on average to replace siding with fiber-cement or cedar to about $30,000, and the crews were paid a fair amount to make sure their families are taken care of.

Alex then saw that Calgary, Toronto, Minneapolis, Seattle, and many other cities have the same issue. Homeowners pay much more than homeowners in Vancouver, but the cost of material and installation is very similar.

That led to starting a franchise to make sure that every homeowner in North America will have access to a siding company with reasonable pricing, quality control on all levels, friendly and professional staff, and a corporate team behind it.

Ideal Siding Franchisees
The ideal Siding team will gladly give your home a great new look that will last for years to come

Homeowners would never have to deal again with siding companies running away before the project is completed or taking a deposit and disappearing. We chose to work with top manufacturers, whose materials proved to be problem-free for at least 20-30 years. We introduced the 25-year labor warranty (unheard in the industry) to show that our crews are the most experienced guys in the industry and that whatever happens, you deal with a national company that has your back.

We are looking forward to working with you, to find a solution that fits your needs and a design that suits your taste. Our team is excited to see your home look brand new!

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The job went smoothly

After calling several companies for siding estimates I settled on Ideal Siding. The project manager was very organized, professional and patient in answering my questions. The job went smoothly. The crew was only three but organized, efficient and tidy in their work and clean-up.

Christine A., Houston

Very fast and efficient install services

Very fast and efficient install services. No mess left behind and salesman was respectful and did not try to up-sell.

Erich P., Houston

I am excited to see the final result

I had been looking for a siding service in the #TheWoodlands area for a long time until I found you, I am excited to see the final result, highly, highly recommended.

Olinsser S., The Woodlands

Were very considerate of our time

They completed the work when they said they would and were very considerate of our time! I would definitely recommend them!

Derrek W., Houston
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