Price Match Policy

Did you get a siding estimate from one of our competitors? Bring it to Ideal Siding and we’ll match it!

Ideal Siding was founded on the belief that improving the siding industry starts with offering the best products, amazing customer service, certified craftsmanship, and the strongest warranties. None of this comes as cheap as “Chuck in A Truck Siding Company with their taillight warranties” but we are eager to gain business by matching a price.

So long as we’re talking about like vs like, we’ll beat or match any other quote. To be clear, the other quote must be comparable in terms of more than just the siding used.  A siding system has components that we WILL NOT sacrifice quality on just to save money or get your business. Many siding companies will cut corners and purchase generic sub-standard products to keep prices low. The result is a siding that will not last as long and may even void the warranty on the materials. Ideal Siding is a local siding contractor that only uses top-of-the-line products.

We are one of just a handful of companies in North America that put a project manager in charge of your siding replacement or repair. This means you will have someone at your house during the project duration to ensure the work is done correctly, the property was made safe and cleaned up properly, your questions get answered, and accountability is there.

Ideal Siding will add extra value to the price match by offering a 25-year workmanship warranty. On top of that, you can be sure to receive the best experience from start to finish thanks to our sales and project management teams.

Understanding Why a New Siding Estimate Can Vary

Prices quoted by siding companies on the same project can vary widely. That’s because companies often pay different prices for labor, and they source materials of varying quality. Many contractors also tack on miscellaneous extras at the end of the job that aren’t included with an original low-ball estimate.

We want consumers to have good insider advice before choosing a sider for a large repair or full siding replacement. If one company submits a quote that is far less than the other(s) you need to question it. Start by comparing the details of the contract – the main warning signs that this company will do a poor job include:

  • No proof of license, general liability insurance, or workman’s comp. insurance.
  • No items other than siding and labor.
  • Material prices that are much lower will have generic product brands that should be avoided. Labor costs should be the biggest difference.
  • The lack of exact product names is a dead giveaway that you will be getting generic brands that don’t last as long.
  • Remember the bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.

It’s crucial to get a written quote from a contractor that clearly states which materials will be used and all charges associated with the job. If your job doesn’t define everything that is included, you may be surprised by additional charges and – even worse – you may end up with a siding of subpar quality.

Terms and Conditions

We don’t use our price match guarantee as a marketing scheme to attract more business while lowering the quality of our products. Product and service quality is of the highest priority. Our price match guarantee is not a marketing tactic. Instead, it is just simply our way of offering you our quality services at a competitive rate.

Please note the following about our price match guarantee:

  1. Service must be from a credible, licensed and registered, contractor located in the same service area.
  2. Price matching can only occur prior to purchase, not after an item has already been purchased from a competitor.
  3. Services/material purchased and scope of work must be an exact match to the services we offer.
  4. Customers must provide a competitor’s formal bid with a printed price.
  5. The competitor’s product must be an exact match (same manufacturer and model).
  6. The competitor’s price may not include any coupons or discount offers.
  7. No other promotional offers or discount codes cannot be used in combination with price matches.
  8. Ideal Siding reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time and to refuse the price match if the competitor’s price is below our costs.

We happily look over the competition’s siding estimate to see where they are cutting corners and advise homeowners accordingly. We truly believe that knowledge and education are crucial to providing great customer service.

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