From Vision to Reality: Ideal Siding’s Development Manager on E-2 Visa Success Strategies
Alberto Haddad knows the pitfalls of starting a business in the U.S. because he’s done it himself. Ten years ago, he went through all the tough steps of U.S. immigration to set up his own successful business. Now, he’s helping new entrepreneurs get started with their own Ideal Siding franchise. Alberto is ready to share […]
What Siding is the Most Fire Resistant?
When it comes to deciding about the exterior of the house, people mostly think about the look. But to secure your home from fire accidents, you need to think beyond the aesthetic. Studies have confirmed that western states would be facing more fire breaks than ever before. This is due to the rise in deforestation […]
Insulated Vinyl Siding: Is It Worth It?
An insulated vinyl siding contains a laminated vinyl panel using foam core backing, giving a straight-looking siding panel. This make of vinyl is good as it takes care of all factors of the environment like; hail, ice, and baseballs. It has some insulation that is bonded to vinyl at the lower part, known as expanded […]
Aluminum vs. Vinyl Siding Complete Comparison
For your home to look great, you have to make the right choice of siding. Preferences have got consequences when you make the right choice, and it will always be smiles, unlike when you make a terrible choice that will get you in further financial constraints. The complete difference between aluminum and vinyl comes out […]
Vinyl Siding vs. Hardie Plank Fiber Cement Siding
In the discussion between the two, every reason is for the fiber-cement board but for only one right on behalf of vinyl, which is on the cost. The following are some of the differences between vinyl and Hardie plank: Cost: in terms of value, vinyl siding is cheaper compared to any form of fiber siding. […]
Pros, Cons, and Alternatives of Aluminum Siding
Aluminum siding was first introduced in the market just before WWII as a cheaper alternative to wood. It was because of less involvement in maintenance. Other than being cheap, it is also considered to be lighter in terms of weight. After some good time in the market, it was shaken with the introduction of vinyl […]
From a Siding Installer to a Franchise Owner: Vladimir’s Success Story
Everyone has a unique path that leads them to franchise ownership. Some people change industries and come from entirely different fields, and some try out different roles within a chosen industry. The latter one is Vladimir’s story. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree and has been putting his skills into practice for many years. […]
Alternatives to Vinyl Siding
Having fallen out of fashion, those who own homes are now turning their attention from vinyl siding to better options of home siding that are modern and of class. The choice of siding is beyond finances and lifestyle, but the focus has now shifted to geographical locations as well. So, what to consider when choosing […]
Wood siding: Best Options on Today’s Market
Wood siding can make your house look great in the neighbourhood. This form of natural material that is eye appealing is meant for installations that start from top to bottom, mostly involving cedar and redwood. You should think of wood in making your exterior for its natural form, beauty, and long-lasting. The cost of installation […]
Pros, Cons, and Cost of Composite Siding
Composite siding is made of various materials from scrap wood materials like pine and cedar. Though it gets easily spoilt with termites and also rots, there are current makings that have turn to be better, stays longer, and not prone to destruction from elements. The fact that it is regarded as one of the best […]
What Is Siding, and What Options Are There?
Siding is an aspect of building your home by focusing on exterior design to give you a particular desired outside look. This outside look guarantees your home protection from many security threats and other things or elements that might intrude. Also important to note on home siding in Calgary, is the beauty that it brings […]
Hardie Board Siding: Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost
Hardie board siding was created by Hardie James Building company and are horizontal lap siding about 0.312 inches in thickness. They are also called cement-fiber, fiber cement cladding, and concrete siding, and have been in use for a very long time. The fiber cement manufacturing process involves mixing pulverized sand, cement, and wood pulp with […]

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