What Is T1-11 Siding?
T1-11 siding was presumably, the most pervasive siding material utilized in private development, and it gained its prominence stature during the 1960s, 1970s, and mid-1980s. At this time, the trend was the natural wood-grained look, and that is what T1-11 provided.
What is Shiplap Siding?
Popularly referred to as the poor man’s tongue and groove, Shiplap siding has become very common. This siding product has recently climbed up the ladder in terms of the number of consumers and market share.
How Do You Identify Masonite Siding Problems?
Masonite is a popular siding product which is made of waste paper and pressed together to form the final product. It is a relatively weak product since it is susceptible to many factors.
What is Masonite Siding?
As a future or current homeowner, it is vital to know a variety of siding products, their pros and cons, how they work, how they are installed among others. Masonite is one of the common siding products you can use. However, you need to ask and answer this question before using it, “Will it be […]
What is Hardboard Siding?
Hardboard siding, also known as pressboard siding, is synthetically constructed siding product. It is made by binding wood fibers, resins, and glue using pressure and heat. This siding has been used since the 1980s to 1990s because of its affordability, but when a lawsuit was brought forward against it in 1994, most manufacturers stopped using […]
What is Fiber Cement Siding?
If you are planning to build a house or do some renovations, then this question must really matter to you. It is essential to know the types of sidings before making a choice, and we will be looking at fiber cement siding.
Siding Replacement
Siding, just like other exteriors, always wear and tear out. This could be because of many different reasons, like damage from physical impact, water damage, among others. But, whatever the cause of the damage, you will still need to do a repair and that will need that you follow a step by step guide.
Installing Fiberglass Siding
Do it yourself tasks can always be fun but also complicated. A good example is this; installing fiberglass. This activity can be easy, or hard, depending on the level of seriousness you give it. First of all, the most important thing here is choosing the right tools to use and also taking your time to […]
Repair of Wood Siding
If there is any siding material that I will choose over and over, it will be the wood siding because the material does not only provide a high aesthetic value to your exteriors, but it also has low thermal conductivity.
Vinyl Siding Repair
When you own a home, you must always be prepared to either spend money on repairs or do them yourself. Of course, there are complicated projects which need professional knowledge. However, some repairs are usually quite easy and not worth spending money on.
Removing and Reinstalling Aluminum Siding
Aluminum siding is a popular form of siding material used to cover homes and offices. The main reason for this is its high aesthetic value and faultlessness. It is much preferred by many for its durability and convenience, especially when installed correctly. Like any other form of a home-covering product or rather, proper decoration made […]
Power Washing Vinyl Siding
After a while, your home exterior will definitely begin looking drab and the color will start to fade off. You can correct this with the simple use of a pressure washer using the step by step guide described below.

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