Transforming Lives: Ideal Siding Partner with World Housing

World Housing is excited to welcome Ideal Siding and Alex Filipuk (CEO of Ideal Siding) as an Ambassador and Advisory Board Member for their housing nonprofit organization. Alex grew up in a small town in Belarus, living with his parents and grandparents in a one-bedroom apartment. His parents’ life goal was to provide their two sons with housing so they could have a different start to their lives by already having shelter and being able to focus on building a family and career rather than spending all their income on rent.

World Housing understands this desire to make housing accessible to everyone. Since 2013, World Housing has provided homes for the most vulnerable families worldwide. Like Alex’s parents, the World Housing team recognizes that communities thrive where families live with dignity, safety, and access to the resources that change their lives forever.

World Housing builds houses in Cambodia
With the help of their ambassadors, World Housing aims to revolutionize the approach to solving the global housing crisis

Alex’s extensive education and research in Development Economics gives him unique insight into the challenges faced to provide crucial needs such as food and shelter, which play a critical role of housing in societal development.

He is passionate about housing and how it affects people’s fate. In 2017, he wrote a book, “The 22-Year Vacation, or The New Home Order,” about the current situation in housing and what factors affect it.

Alex Filipuk (on the left) with one of Ideal Siding Franchisees
Alex Filipuk (left) with an Ideal Siding franchisee, working together to support World Housing’s mission

Alex spent a lot of his childhood on the construction site when his parents were building their home to settle in. It took them over 20 years to build it and move in. His dream is to build a franchise in the housing space, which will build one million homes, and World Housing team is thrilled to have Alex join them on their mission to build communities across the globe.

I have watched individuals and families struggle for years to find affordable housing globally. I know what that struggle is like personally, and I watched my family work toward providing a safe space for my brother and me. With the success of Ideal Siding, my goal is to help others achieve what I have been able to experience, and World Housing is there to help us realize that goal. I have studied the real estate market extensively and look forward to partnering with World Housing to reach my goal of building one million homes to help families feel secure and safe.” — Alex Filipuk

Ideal Siding is helping to transform lives. As a World Housing Ambassador, Ideal Siding shares a common vision and is working with its network to help raise funds to provide homes to the world’s most vulnerable and poorly sheltered families.

100% of funds raised for World Housing will go towards funding homes and building safe communities.

How you can get involved:

  1. Raise awareness through your networks.
  2. Follow the World Housing newsletter & social media.
  3. Contribute to the Ideal Siding campaign.
  4. Start a personal fundraising campaign for your birthday.

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