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About Us

Ideal Siding is the fastest growing siding company in Canada. We gathered experience of over a dozen successful siding companies in North America and found a way to improve customer service, labour wages and the price that the homeowner is paying to get the siding replaced.

We look forward to working with you to find a solution that fits your needs and design that suits your taste. We are excited to see your home look brand new!

72 projects completed last year

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We Find an Ideal Solution for You

Your home is where the most precious memories are kept and so many beautiful moments are created. Here, at Ideal Siding in Vancouver, we understand the importance of that and make it our mission to help you create the home of your dreams. Whether it is helping you with a minor repair task, replacing siding on the entire house or assisting you with choosing the right siding option for your new home.

Our company will guide you throughout the entire process and will answer any questions, relying on the vast experience in the industry and over 500 meetings held with clients each year.

You deserve only the best quality of materials and workmanship, that’s why we have the best crews in the industry and work with the most reputable suppliers. We understand the needs of local homeowners and familiar with the trends in each neighbourhood.

Reasons to Work With Us

After completing over 100 projects between all of our divisions past year, we’ve seen it all when it comes to siding. For us as specialists, it is very clear that every project is unique, and we are striving to find the best solution for your needs and make the process as seamless as possible.

1. Price Match Guarantee & Financing Options

Whether it is an old cedar siding that has been favourited by the pesky woodpecker and costing you sleep early in the morning or a barbeque grill placed too close to the wall melted vinyl siding, we are here to help. Quite often it’s only a small area of siding that needs fixing as most of it is in a good condition, or you want to patch a small area before painting the whole house.

Our experienced Project Estimators can find a solution for your needs and offer the option within your budget to make sure it doesn’t cost you “an arm and a leg”. At Ideal Siding in Vancouver, we offer a price match guarantee, which means we can match a competitor’s pricing for the same scope of work if you would choose to work with us.

We can help make your project affordable. Our partners offer flexible home improvement financing options, that suit your needs, budget and project goals. There are plans for just about any situation – even if your credit is less than perfect – there is likely a plan for you. We can work on your behalf to secure an affordable payment plan.

2. Leading Workmanship Warranty

An abundance of the rainy days had caused a lifespan of the old siding on the majority of the homes in the Vancouver area to reach its limits. In most cases, the lifespan is 25-35 years if no rainscreen was installed. Replacing the siding on the entire home is a costly project and a big investment in your home, creating more value and enhancing the look of it.

We hand-select contractors that are truly the best at their craft, so the renovation is always smooth. That’s why we offer you 25 years warranty on workmanship and only the best quality materials and practices in the industry, so you don’t need to worry about the cost of maintenance, painting and repairs in the upcoming 25 years.

3. Complimentary Design

Maybe your siding is still in decent condition, but you want to refresh the look to keep up with the rest of the homes in your neighbourhood or to create the house you’ve always dreamt of. After all, that’s where you spend most of your life.

We know it is difficult to choose the colour and style of your new home, that is why we offer a complimentary siding design mockup to help you to make an informed decision. We can offer you the newest designs and materials from some of the leading siding manufacturers in the industry.

Popular Siding Styles

These days there are a lot of siding types and materials to choose from. When it comes to design here are some of the most popular siding options on the market in Vancouver.

Siding Plank

This is the most popular choice amongst the homeowners and was installed on over 80% of the houses last year. The strips can be horizontal or vertical and the most common materials are vinyl, fiber cement, cedar or aluminum.

Siding contractors in Vancouver - working with siding planks, panels, shingles
The house on the picture above features James Hardie Plank Siding Cedarmill Colourplus Statement collection in Deep Ocean with 7″ reveal and Overcap Corners and Trims in James Hardie Trim Board with Rustic Grain finish in Arctic White

Siding Panels

Siding Panels are an excellent option for a modern look and offer a sleek design featuring some of the most innovative siding techniques in the industry.

They can be either smooth or with cedar mill texture and usually are cut on-site to match with the design you’ve chosen. The most common profiles are Board and Batten, Easy Trim Reveal Panels and Open Joint Cladding.

Siding installation best company in Canada
The house on the picture above features James Hardie Panels with Smooth Finish 4×8 in Cobble Stone and James Hardie Trim Board with Rustic Grain finish in Iron Gray

Siding Shingles

Siding Shingles add distinction to the walls creating that cozy look that reflects the surrounding nature. This is a particularly popular option on West Coast being surrounded by Hemlock and Cedar trees. Shingles can be made out of fiber cement, vinyl or cedar.

Exterior home siding - installation cost in Vancouver
The house on the picture above features James Hardie Shingles Cedarmill Colourplus Statement collection in Pearl Gray with 7″ reveal and Straight Edge with James Hardie Rustic Grain Trim Boards around windows and doors in Arctic White

Siding Types We Offer

There are lots of options these days to help you create the perfect facade and you want to choose carefully. While aesthetics are always important, you also want to consider the material’s durability, ability to resist water, ease of installation and versatility.

There are 9 most popular siding options in Vancouver today (click on the picture to learn more):

There are very many other styles and types of siding and exterior materials we can offer you, please call us for any specific requests.

How Much Does the Siding Cost?

Here we show you the approximate house siding price calculation:

  • If you choose vinyl siding that costs around $6-7 per sq ft, for the whole house which is 2000 sq ft, you might end up paying $12,000 – $14,000. Vinyl siding is the easiest product to work with, which significantly lowers its installation costs.
  • James Hardie siding will cost around $9 – $10 per sq ft, so for the same house, you will pay approximately $18,000 – $20,000.
  • Cedar will be the most expensive option among the 3 mentioned above. Its price is $11 – $13 per sq ft, so the final price will be around $22,000 – $26,000 including the additional cost for painting.

To guide you through other material used in your siding renovation have a look at the table illustrated below:

Material Price per sq ft*
James Hardie (Fiber Cement) Starts at $9.00
Vinyl Siding Starts at $6.25
Premium Vinyl Siding Starts at $7.00
Cedar Siding Starts at $11.00
Stucco Starts at $10.50
Longboard Starts at $25.50
AL-13 Starts at $24.50
Cultured Stone Starts at $22.75
* Price includes labour and material costs for siding, building paper, strapping installation, and waste removal (all included).


If affording a project all at once is a strain, a payment plan can be the perfect way to spread it over time. Financing is available for almost any type of home improvement project, big or small.

We maintain long-standing relationships with our financing partners, who can secure an affordable financing payment plan which is tailored to your needs. We won’t push you into something or make the process complicating or confusing. We’re here to make sure you get the best plan available.

Installation Process & What to Expect

Right after you decide the colour and design of your siding, we can start working on your project. Sometimes, within a few days after we sign a contract. We are one of the largest siding contractors in Vancouver (and in Canada) and can handle multiple projects at the same time.

In certain situations, the availability of the chosen siding with suppliers might postpone the start date of the siding project, but we always work on finding the best solutions for you and expediting the process as fast as possible. We work with the major suppliers of siding materials on the market, so there is usually no significant wait if chosen from their most popular options.

Once you chose to work with us, you can rest assured every detail of your siding project will be taken care of from the beginning till the completion. Our Project Managers will guide you through each step of the siding project on your house and will gladly answer any questions you might have. Here is the step-by-step process.

Step 1
Old Siding Removal
As soon as you decide on the colour and design of your siding, we start the work on your project. The first step would be to remove the old siding, carefully removing all the nails in order not to damage the sheathing underneath. This will take anywhere from 2 to 7 days depending on the type of siding that needs to be removed.
Step 2
Sheathing Inspection and Repair
After the old siding is removed, we inspect sheathing for any rotten parts or damage. In case the repairs are needed, it shouldn’t cost more than $1 to $2 per sq ft, including all the materials and labour. From our experience, most homes do not require repairs.
Step 3
Preparation of the Wall for Siding
The next step would be to install the rain screen, as per BC Building Code, which consists of a few elements: building paper, flashings and strapping/mesh. Installing rainscreen helps to prolong the lifespan of your siding by at least 5-10 years and to protect your home from any rain damage allowing the airflow.
Step 4
Siding Installation and Touch-up Work
It takes around 7 to 10 days to install siding on your home, depending on the materials and design. Additionally, a couple of days needed for all the detailing like corners and trims around windows and doors. During this step, we install bug screens, flashings around openings, dryer vents and caulking between siding elements, and do touch up paint on nail heads.
Step 5
Cleaning Up and Waste Removal
After the siding and detailing elements are installed, we check for deficiencies to make sure the walls look seamless. After we ensure the quality of installation is up to our highest standards, we begin the clean-up, remove leftovers of the materials and place all the waste in the recycling bin.

After all the process of siding installation and clean-up is completed, one of our Project Managers will guide the homeowner through the process of siding maintenance and provide all the details of warranties, both of the materials and workmanship.

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They made my house look fantastic

I had the front of my home redone with siding and in my neighbourhood, my house looks the best. Ideal Siding made my house look fantastic. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants the BEST!

Ella McFarlane, North Vancouver

My satisfaction was their utmost concern

Ideal Siding is definitely top-notch. From the quote day to the finish, Oleg Doronin oversaw everything, came on-site often and always made himself available to answer any of my questions. My satisfaction was his utmost concern. I highly commend the workers – Louis Giroux and Chris Pilote. Their attention to detail and desire to do the best job possible was very obvious. The entire team was most professional. I am very pleased and won’t hesitate to refer this company to my friends.

Marlene Cheng, West Vancouver

Great company to work with, great product, excellent workers

Oleg (project manager), was courteous, answered all questions, showed samples, provided addresses of other projects for viewing and kept an eye on all as the transformation took place. Sasha (Alex) took care of the replacement of the old siding with James Hardie plank. This guy is top-notch. He takes pride in his work, is a true craftsman and is totally trustworthy. He started on time and completed the job in the time-frame he gave me.

I examined the work periodically as it progressed and at the end of each day. Truly professional job done by professionals. Easy to recommend this elite company.

Lorne A., Langley

So glad we found Ideal Siding!

Ideal Siding repaired the vinyl siding on our three-story, ten-unit townhouse complex that had been badly damaged by a glass company during the installation of new windows and sliding doors. They showed up on time, were professional and very easy to work with. A special “thank you” to Vassili for his attention to detail and the ability to correct some significant damage that had been done. We were so pleased that we brought Vassili back for another smaller repair to our vinyl siding. On both repairs, we were given the leftover new materials and all old materials were removed and disposed of. We highly recommend Oleg, Vladimir and all the crew at Ideal Siding and will call them again.

Marie D., Port Coquitlam

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