Engineered Wood Siding in Vancouver

When choosing among the most affordable cladding options in Vancouver, we cannot overlook engineered wood siding with an appealing eco-friendly feature attached to it. If you are truly concerned about deforestation or not that thrilled with cedar price tags, but still want to enjoy the authentic feel of timber in your exterior projects, this type of cladding products is really worth considering.

Engineered wood siding installation from the best company in Vancouver
Engineered wood siding products all claim to have a technological edge over their real-wood counterparts. These products are engineered to eliminate flaws, resist deterioration, and be cost-effective to install and maintain

Unlike the traditional option, engineered wood siding is not made of lumber but manufactured from residual wood pieces cemented together by gluing and compressing. As a result, we get a board that looks like solid lumber but is actually composite material with a lower cost. This manufacturing method allows the smart utilization of wood wastages while reducing environmental effects and improving the sustainable use of natural resources.

As for the in-use performance of engineered wood, these products are even denser, more dimensionally stable and water-resistant when compared with the traditional option due to adhesives, waxes, and coatings used in the manufacturing process. They are also usually pre-primed or pre-finished to cut costs and time expenditures on post-installation processing.

Why Opt for Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood siding has the following advantages:

  1. As a rule, engineered wood boards cost half the price of natural cedar, not to mention savings on maintenance.
  2. Engineered wood siding installation is also cheaper thanks to the lower weight of the material and interlock systems provided by many companies.
  3. This cladding is available in many styles, including horizontal and vertical panels, shakes and lap siding, smooth and textured finishes along with colours galore.
  4. The siding delivers a wooden feel much better than other popular cladding options just mimicking the texture of timber.
  5. With various compounds added to its structure, engineered wood siding panels are securely protected from weather effects, mould, decay, and insects.
  6. The material lacks imperfections of lumber like a blue stain, pockets, knots, and other defects while being not inclined to warping and twisting.

Besides, the durability of engineered wood siding is backed by impressive warranties of up to 30 years.

What to Look for in Engineered Wood Siding?

Not all engineered wood boards are created equal, so make sure to pay attention to:

  • Chemical compounds used in manufacturing – some of them can be toxic.
  • Waterproof processing – different manufacturers employ different methods, and the results range from pitiful to outstanding.
  • Accessories for installation and fastener systems – they speed up and cheapen the process while contributing to aesthetics.
  • Dimensions – longer boards may allow for faster and more seamless installation.
  • Finish – pre-painted engineered wood often requires less maintenance.

When it comes to engineered wood siding installation, there are many brands on the market, but we can consult you for free on what to choose for your exact project.

Engineered Wood Siding Installation

This siding type doesn’t require so much skill and time as natural wood, but it doesn’t mean you can entrust it to a random installer.

Our company has the expertise to guide you through the whole process of engineered wood siding installation:

  • Consultation on the best brands to fit your goals and budget;
  • Free project estimate;
  • Pre-installment activities, including dismantlement if required;
  • Professional installation in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Labour warranty provided.

Give us a call to get more information about our services and engineered wood installation opportunity.

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Provided exceptional customer care

Definitely recommend! Igor from Ideal Siding provided exceptional customer care. He listened to all my needs and provided a solid solution for replacing my old siding with new engineered wood within my budget. The siding looks great and really transformed my home. He and his team did a wonderful job completing the project in a timely manner. Very professional and I am likely to hire them again for some exterior work next summer.

Jeremy W., Burnaby

No pressure and comfortable to work with

Extremely happy with our new siding and the whole process of dealing with the company. Great work, great people, great outreach and concern for making us feel satisfied. Highly recommend this company. Always responsive in fast fashion. No pressure and comfortable to work with. We will be using them for any future jobs needed without hesitation.

Alice M., Vancouver

The work they do is top-notch

I would gladly hire these guys again. We worked with Alex for most of the planning. He and the rest of the crew that we met were a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate the time they took to go through all the options and make sure we got what we wanted. Good customer service.

Our house had some rot damage and the project included new engineered wood siding, gutters and fascia. It seems like they stay busy so plan ahead and if you want to hire them and get in the books early. The work they do is top-notch. Prices are reasonable.

Ming L., Richmond

They worked fast but neat and organized

My husband and I hired Ideal Siding to do our siding in 2019. They did a fantastic job, and our house still looks great. It was an easy call when we decided to have our siding done for my parents’ house. We called Nadia, and the call was almost immediately returned. Oleg came out to the house equally as fast and gave us a quote for the work. We hired Ideal Siding, knowing the work would be done to perfection and guaranteed. The crew came out when expected. They were wonderful. Professional and polite, they explained the job to me and said, “When we leave, except the new siding, you’d never know we were here.”

They moved my grills and made sure everything around the perimeter was covered. They worked fast but neat and organized. I was amazed at how quickly they finished the job and cleaned up. My house looks beautiful.

Andrew came by after the work was finished. We walked around the house, I asked a few questions, and he answered them all. I honestly don’t know why I even bothered to have anyone else look at the job. I wholeheartedly recommend the Ideal Siding crew for anything you need to be done to your home. Thanks again Nadia, Oleg, Andrew and the crew. You’re the best!

Stella P., Vancouver
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