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We provide superior James Hardie fiber cement siding and vinyl siding to Calgary homeowners to transform your homes exterior. Whether you are looking to replace your current siding or installing new siding in Calgary, Ideal Siding Calgary is the right choice for the job. We regularly work in and around Calgary and are highly familiar with the needs and trends of the area.

Why to Choose Ideal Siding Calgary?

As you know Calgary has a humid continental climate, and the city has the coldest winters.  We can make it possible to repair your houses even under the most hostile winter weather conditions.

We also provide the best quality workmanship in the siding industry to Calgary Area.

Siding Calagry

We offer you our services at a fair and affordable price, without any hidden charges.

Ideal Siding Calgary should be your first choice if you are looking for a quality, low-maintenance exterior (vinyl siding or fiber cement siding) in your city.

You might definitely find other companies providing you the similar services but we can assure you that you will never get disappointed with the quality that Ideal Siding Calgary can offer you. We not only install quality exterior building products from known and reputable manufacturers.

How Much Does the Siding Cost?

The cost of doing a siding installation involves a number of different elements. Considering the various processes involved is helpful when it comes to understanding the cost breakdown.

For example, a renovation entails demolishing old material and construction waste removal. Then we have the inspection of the sheathing (plywood), fixing rotten or decayed parts, and the installation of a rain-screen system. And last but not least there’s the installation of siding and trims, soffits, fascia and other decorative elements where applicable.

To give you a ballpark estimate:

  • If you do renovation using vinyl siding, it will cost you around $6-7 per sq ft, so for a house that is 2,200 sq ft, it will cost about $13,200 – $15,400.
  • For James Hardie, it will be $9-10 per sq ft, so for the same house it could range from $19,800 – $22,000 and $11-13 per sq ft for cedar, which will cost $24,200 – $28,600. Note for cedar there is an additional cost for painting.

Remember that the cost of doing a siding installation will depend on the design and other exterior elements such as trims and soffits. So when comparing price quotes, be sure to check what is included in it and what material the company will use. Make sure you know the quality of materials other companies are offering.

Common Siding Materials

The two most common siding options in Calgary are vinyl and fiber cement (Hardie siding).

  • Vinyl is an extremely durable material that is simple to install and can hold its own against the storms of a Canadian winter.
  • Fiber cement, also called James Hardie, is a synthetic siding material that offers homeowners the appearance of wooden siding without the risk of rot or pests.

On our website you can easily find all the possible colours for your future siding and all the services we have to offer you.

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