AL13 Siding in Vancouver

If you look for a way to add an extremely modern feel to your residential or commercial project, it makes sense to start with AL13 architectural systems. They deliver awesome metal planks and panels to create stylish and unique cladding, which also boasts of high service characteristics. This brand makes innovative materials accessible to customers in both the United States and Canada, including Vancouver.

AL13 Siding in Vancouver
The house on the picture above features AL13™ Metallic ACM panels with a solid finish in Battleship Grey colour

AL13 siding is a great example of the Aluminum Composite Material application. It features a multilayered structure with a low-density core covered with metal sheets. The core is available in two options: standard polyethylene and fire-resistant material, while the panels’ thickness varies from 3 to 4 mm.

The products are also coated with a protective finish serving to enhance the weather resistance of the cladding and provide them with high aesthetic characteristics. A decent choice of finishes allows for almost unlimited customization.

Yet, you can get even wider creative opportunities when AL13 panel siding is combined with the brands’ planks. The latter ones are entirely aluminum extrusions available in three designs and complemented with a range of frame components. The same goes for the panels, which are offered with a set of corners, caps, and frames to create a truly consistent look.

Why Would You Want to Install AL13 Siding?

AL13 has changed the game. Their metal panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on-site, reducing costs, installation and lead times. This cladding option is really different from those offered by competitors since the panels are cut-to-fit on-site to eliminate any time-consuming off-site operations.

Other features include:

  • Thanks to snap-lock fasteners and a thoughtfully designed system of profiles, AL13 siding installation is fast and streamlined.
  • In addition to all standard ACS advantages, AL13 siding is capable of expanding and contracting to adapt to temperature fluctuations. It also works great as a pressure-equalized rain screen that ensures moisture management.
  • The fire, water, and wind resistance of the siding are proved by AAMA508, ULC135, NFPA285, and other certificates.
  • The cladding requires no maintenance except cleaning with water and domestic detergent, which, when paired with high repairability, ensures cost-effectiveness in the long run.
  • The planks are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation to even expand possible applications and combinations.
  • The manufacturer provides a 15 years warranty covering both the cladding system and finish coating.

Nearly 20 finish options are available for AL13 panels, including 5 nice wood textures. Moreover, the woody styles are actually good at imitating timber. Use one or use combinations to achieve any modern look you desire:

AL13 Panel System Siding Colours

You will be glad to find 6 additional woodgrains in the planks’ colour palette:

AL13 Plank Siding Colours

Installation of AL13 Siding in Vancouver

AL13 siding installation is easy when you are aware of the manufacturer’s requirements and equipped with all required tools and if you know their patented installation technology and have extensive experience in measuring, calculating, and cutting.

If you are not skilled in working with this ACP system and have no reliable contractor within reach, it’s better to avoid wasting time, money, and the costly material.

Since our team has extensive experience in this field, we are sure to provide:

  • Professional advice on your project;
  • Free estimation;
  • Accurate measuring;
  • Drawing a precise plan;
  • Necessary arrangements on your site, including those for safety;
  • Careful dismantlement if required;
  • Timely installation following all the manufacturer’s instructions with our labour warranty attached.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on everything related to the installation of AL13 siding in Vancouver!

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Ideal Sliding was awesome to work with!

Ideal Siding worked with our budget allowing us to select a great quality product that fit our needs. The installers who worked on our project were very friendly, communicated with us about the project, and did an excellent job with clean up. I liked the fact that the guys worked hard even when it was raining. We are very happy with our overall service and product.

Thomus S., North Vancouver

Ideal Siding has given excellent service

Our project manager did what he said when he said he would and how he said he would. His team was excellent and what very small issues appeared they were dealt with immediately and well. Thanks so much.

Peter R., North Vancouver

The service was quick, fast and precise

I recently had my old vinyl exterior house converted to James Hardie by Ideal Siding. It completely changed the look of my house for the better. The crew working on my house did an amazing job. Project manager Oleg was extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with from start to finish. Always a nice feeling when you talk to a salesman in any business and know that they are truly doing everything in their power to make your experience easy and right the situation without trying to gouge you in the process. After agreeing to the extra work they did what was necessary and completed the job in a timely manner. Wasn’t much concerned with the extra work being done but more so that it was being done right. I was pleasantly surprised to find the end quote for the job was well under what I projected. Long story short, I will continue to recommend their awesome crews to friends, family and anyone who needs work done. Look no further than these guys.

Roberta R., Coquitlam

Nice to know there are contractors you can trust

Professional and courteous. They moved my vinyl siding installation up because of a cancellation and got the job done fast. No cleanup for me afterwards because they cleaned up after themselves. Very friendly service. My floating house looks like new again!

Clemence M., Langley

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