How to Cut Siding

Circumstance dictates the way you cut your vinyl siding. There are three main options of cut that you can choose from. A circular saw is most preferred when you intend to cut a lot of vinyl strips. It is also the most effective method for making short and vertical cuts. If you are cutting just a few strips of vinyl and making vertical cuts, then you can use a pair of tin snips. However, when you intend to cut much longer vinyl strips, then you can use a utility knife. This gives you the best control.

Best way to cut vinyl siding

Circular Saw

With a circular saw, you will first have to fit it with a saw. This is supposed to have a fine-toothed plywood-cutting blade. You most definitely want a smooth cut on your vinyl siding. To achieve this, you will have to put the blade in backward. You should protect your eyes by wearing a pair of safety goggles. Ask us any questions about siding companies you may have or get a free quote.

Place a strip of the vinyl siding on a flat work table. Ensure that you have slid the end of the vinyl siding of the table. The point you intend to start cutting should be a few inches above the edge of the table. To obtain right angles easily, use a carpenter’s square under the strip.

Tightly hold the strip of the vinyl siding together with the center’s square steadily onto the table with the aid of one hand. Using the other hand, you can now start to cut off the excess. This should be done with the edge of the table as a guide. Using the same procedure, cut the remaining strips of siding.

Tin Snips

With tin spins, you first place a strip of the vinyl siding on the work table. Ensure that you align the place that you intend to cut. This alignment should be with the edge of the table. Ensure that you have a carpenter’s square with you. Set it under the siding to keep it perpendicular to the edge of the table.

Hold the carpenter’s square steadily. Use the other and to cut the piece of siding using a pair of tin spins. When you are doing this, ensure that you close the snips at about two-thirds of the way.

If the first snip fails to cut the strip of siding, open the snips and press them forward. Continue with the process to make more cuts until the excess siding falls free. To obtain the best cuts, you shouldn’t close the snips all the way.

Utility Knife

Turn your strip face-up on the work table. Using a straightedge lengthwise, indicate the places where you intend to cut on the strip.

You should then have to score along the straightedge using a utility knife. Apply medium pressure for the best results. At this point, set aside the straightedge.

Twist the strip of the siding along with the cut made by the utility knife and snap the vinyl. If this does not snap easily, keep bending it back and forth for the vinyl to weaken and break.


You will need a number of tools to effectively cut a vinyl siding. Among these tools include safety goggles, straightedge, and utility knife. You should also have a carpenter’s square, tin spins and a circular saw with a fine-toothed plywood-cutting blade. A worktable is equally an essential tool for smooth cutting.

Your safety is paramount in all these processes. You most definitely don’t wish to hurt yourself simply because you resorted to DIY. The first safety precaution is ensuring that you understand this guide. Misuse of tools can cause injuries. Ensure you know how you are going to use each of them. This also guarantees you the best results.

Protective gear is essential in such an endeavor. Ensure that you have your industrial boots on. This will protect your feet from falling objects when cutting. It is also imperative that you wear your safety goggle irrespective of the method you are using. You should also wear safety gloves during this procedure. Ensure you take these precautions for the most seamless and effective DIY.