Cleaning Vinyl Siding

When cleaned appropriately, vinyl siding is bound to give your home the most desired aesthetic look. Cleaning is necessary because vinyl sliding gathers dirt, stains, mold and mildew with time. This is likely to give your home’s exterior a pathetic look. We, therefore, give you simple tips that will help your home restore its dwindling look.
Сleaning vinyl siding - how to clean siding


Preparation for vinyl cleaning is important, and it steers you off potential hazards and messes. If you are looking for a siding service give us a call today!

Your Safety Matters

Successful cleaning of your vinyl siding requires the right attire. You will have to wear comfortable clothing for exercise. You will also need rubber gloves and closed-toe shoes. A pair of safety goggles will also come in handy in protecting your eyes. All cleaning fumes are but chemicals. You have to protect yourself from their harmful fumes using a face mask. Remove any obstacles that will block you from cleaning effectively. If you will need a ladder, you must get someone to hold it for your safety.

Protect your possessions

You will have to ensure that all the doors and the windows are closed before you start the process. This will safeguard them against the water that you will be spraying on the exterior wall. As we said earlier, cleaning chemicals are very acidic, ensure that you cover all your flower pots. All electric power outlets and the inlet have to be switched off and be covered with a plastic sheet secured with duct tape.

Ensure that you work on a cloudy day to secure even drying without patches.

What You Need to Clean Vinyl Siding

For a splendid result, you will have to get the appropriate equipment to help you clean the siding. Here are some of the equipment you will need in this process. First, get the recommended vinyl cleaning products from the stores. You also need a soft cloth and a soft-bristle brush with a long handle. You also need a bucket of water and a pressure washer if you can.

Some of the Cleaning Solutions for Vinyl Siding

Bleach and vinegar are the most commonly used solutions. There are different ways of mixing them.

Bleach Cleaning Solution

This is made using a quart of bleach which is mixed with a gallon of water. This solution makes discolored surfaces white again and will destroy all the bacteria and mold. However, it produces toxic fumes and is very toxic to your skin, lungs, and the environment.

Vinegar Cleaning Solution

This is made by mixing vinegar with water at a ratio of 30:70. It kills almost 80% of bacteria and mold. It has friendly fumes and is never toxic.

Clean Your Vinyl Siding By Hand

This is the easiest way to clean all the stains on your vinyl siding.

To effectively clean your vinyl siding, first, you will have to section it into workable portions. This will help you locate the stains easily. Before starting to clean these sections, ensure that you test the cleaning solution on a small part to be sure it doesn’t damage the paint. Take the bottom-up approach in your cleaning. This prevents streaking. Repeat this in each section.

When cleaning the vinyl, immerse either the brush or cloth into the solution. Use this to scrub the siding to a noticeable change. You should do this gently and carefully to protect the vinyl siding from breaking. When rinsing with clean water, do it from top to bottom. You should do this often to prevent spotting.

If you are using a pressure washer, first ensure that the manufacturer of your vinyl siding recommends it. Get the instructions of your vinyl siding manufacturer before you embark on the cleaning process. This will direct you to the recommended pressure for the vinyl siding. When spraying the wall, you should stand a distance from the house. Be sure to hold the nozzle with both hands while spraying. The washing should be done from the bottom towards up and in segmented sections. Prevent streaking by keeping a steady pace and rinse from up to bottom.

Adherence to these steps guarantees you the best vinyl cleaning results.

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