How do You Clean Aluminum Siding

Cleaning aluminum siding is an easy task that you can take on all by yourself. However, if you cannot handle these simple steps, you are free to hire the services of a commercial cleaning company. Most homeowners prefer using aluminum siding for their houses across the globe. This is guided by the belief that aluminum siding is bound to last longer. It is also less costly in terms of maintenance. For it to preserve the new look, you will have to spend some money and time occasionally on it. For effective cleaning of your siding, there are two steps involved. However, some cases demand up to three or even four steps. Be at peace, as none of these steps are expensive.

In the following guide, we have enumerated and explain the four steps involved in effectively cleaning aluminum siding.

How to wash aluminum siding - better ways

Cleaning Aluminum Siding by Rinsing

This is a straightforward step. It is similar to running your dishwasher on the rinse cycle before scaling down to the normal cycle. This definitely gives you better results. When cleaning your aluminum siding, you should first do a quick rinse. You can do this using your garden hose.

When rising, ensure that the spray points towards a downward direction over the siding. Spraying upwards is not recommended because water will get under the siding. This is made possible by the drain holes which are usually on the lower portion of the siding. This rinse is able to remove all the dirt and grime on the aluminum siding. Do not forget to work from the top down.

Cleaning Aluminum Siding by Hand Washing

This should be the next step after you have sprayed the aluminum siding with water. When you hand wash your aluminum siding, you will be able to remove all the dirt or grime that escaped the initial step. Warm some water and pour into a bucket. Into the bucket, you should add an all-purpose cleaner. Dip a soft-bristled brush into this water and start scrubbing any remaining dirt or grime remaining on the surface. Ensure that you start scrubbing from the length of the aluminum siding downwards.

You will have to section your scrub area into three or four areas. This will help you prevent uneven drying of the surface, which can easily deter you from effectively cleaning the siding. The garden hose will come in handy when rinsing the soap, dirt, and grime. It will also help you a great deal in directing the water stream in a downward path.

If you notice some stains on the aluminum siding after this step, then you should consider moving to the next step. However, if this step has removed all the stains, then you are good to go. You are through with the process.

Cleaning Aluminum Siding – Mildew

It is a common phenomenon to find stains caused by mold and mildew on your home’s aluminum siding. To clean such a surface, you will have to use a solution that can remove both mildew and mold. Come up with a solution composed of one part bleach and four parts water. Use your garden hose to spray the solution on the remaining spots.

If indeed the stain is a mold or mildew, this spray will be able to remove it. This is not unique as mildew and mold can thrive on aluminum sidings. In more humid areas, this is a common trend while less-humid areas are unlikely to experience such.

It is important to note that with the brush and soapy water alone, you will not be able to kill the mildew or mold. If the stain fails to disappear at this stage, you can move to the next one. However, if the stain is removed at this stage, then you are done with the whole process.

Cleaning Aluminum Siding by Pressure Washing

Having failed to get the desired results in the previous stage, you will need to wash the aluminum siding using pressure wash. You can buy or a pressure washer or rent one, depending on your financial capability. Ensure that you adhere to the directions given for the use of the pressure washer by the manufacturer.

The washer should be able to accommodate a mixture of your cleaner and water. Start spraying from top to bottom.

This stage will remove all the remaining dirt and grime.