Painting Aluminum Siding

Most homeowners wonder whether it is possible to paint aluminum siding. Further questions have also emerged on the best methods that will make this a successful process. These concerns are because most homes, especially in America, have aluminum siding instead of wood and other materials such as vinyl. The preference is due to the fact that they make your home more attractive, they are easier to clean and cheap to maintain. They also have a very durable lifespan. If you are one of these homeowners, could aluminum painting help you in making siding more durable? This is a question that must be in your mind. But again, how do you paint aluminum siding?

To start with, preparation and priming must be done before you embark on any construction work. Painting aluminum siding is no lesser construction work. You have first to clean the siding before you start the process. First, wash off all the chalkiness and scrub the aluminum siding.

Do this using a recommended cleaning detergent and water, especially for a siding that had never been painted before. For previously painted siding, then the paint must first be removed from the wall before cleaning. The wall has to be clean before you start painting aluminum siding. Our company would be happy to help you with resolving all vinyl siding problems you may face.
How to paint aluminum siding - instructions
After the aluminum siding is washed and dried, you will are supposed to apply a primer. You should be very keen, or otherwise, you will not be able to do the painting successfully. In case you have hired a professional to undertake the painting on your behalf, you should ensure that he does not use a latex premier. This is the worst mistake one can do when painting aluminum siding. Avoid it too when you opt for DIY.

You will realize that most latex paints have ammonia as one of their components in addition to the premier. When Ammonia comes into contact with aluminum, a reaction automatically occurs. At this juncture, a tiny amount of gas is formed on the siding.

Since latex paint is very elastic, the air bubbles created on the aluminum siding results in an elastic coating that has gas bubbles right under it. If this does not happen immediately, you do the painting, and then expect it in the next few hours, which will give you a gruesome result. The gas build-up under the latex will push it out. When you finally paint another layer of paint on this coat, then the bubbles and the flakes on the initial latex coat will let the paint fail and fall off.

Opt for an oil-based premier instead. Ensure that the premier you are is specifically meant for metal surfaces. The only problem with this kind of premier is that you will have to wait longer for the premier to dry up. This does not react with the aluminum wall in any way. When you finally paint the last coat, it will serve you for the longest time. The paint you use at this point should be made up of 100% acrylic paint. The finish should be attractive enough. You won’t have to do it again in years.

DIY can be challenging, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Ensure you understand these steps perfectly to get the desired finish. In addition, you should know that paints contain harmful chemicals, especially when inhaled. This means that you have to take into account all the safety measures for your family and yourself. You will have to cover decorations such as flower pots when you are undertaking this exercise.

Ensure that you have a gas mask to protect you from harmful gases. You will be using a ladder, get one member of the family who will help you hold it lest you fall off when you are working. You should also wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the adverse effects of the paint. You should also get yourself shoes that will cover your toes. Wear a helmet and overalls, such that the sprinkling paint does not sprinkle on your skin.

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