What is The Cost of Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is essential for your house, especially if you care about beauty. It encloses the exterior surface of the house, giving it an enhanced appearance. It also sets in insulating properties. One of the commonest siding materials is vinyl.

Installation costs for vinyl siding differ depending on factors such as the material used and the finish quality. The price is also dependent on the surface area to be covered and the number of openings such as windows and doors. Other determining factors include the preparation steps needed before installation, special needs of the process, and the labor rate.

What is The Cost of Vinyl Siding?

You can opt for DIY which is likely to save you quite a considerable chunk of the budget. We are going to use 1500 sq. ft as the total area to be covered by vinyl. This budget includes removing and subsequently replacing the old siding, and the delivery of all the materials and equipment. It also takes care of transport costs and waste disposal. If your indeed of a professional that can get the siding done right check out our services, today!

A standard grade vinyl will cost you $ 4175. You will then have to meet the cost of insulating siding that will cost you $ 1139. Removal and disposal of the existing wood siding, including its transportation, is likely to cost $ 500. The material itself will cost you a total of $ 5814. If you are hiring labor to remove and dispose of the old siding, you will part with $ 675.

On the other hand, labor for installing the new siding will cost you $ 1872. Labor cost for upgrading the newly installed siding will cost you another $72. This will bring the total expenditure to $ 8433. By DIY, you will be able to save on all the labor costs. This will reduce the strain associated with vinyl siding.

You can also save on the costs associated with removing the existing siding. This means that the new vinyl siding is mounted on the existing one. You have to consult with a construction specialist to determine whether you can do this mounting.

In some instances, you will find that the siding material used can provide insulation. This saves you the cost of installing an insulator when replacing your vinyl siding.

If the height of the wall is less than 10 feet and safety rigging is not included, the surface area due for vinyl siding insulation will reduce remarkably. This will save you some money in the long run.

Undamaged walls mean that minimal preparations will need to be done before the installation of the vinyl siding. This also reduces the total cost of installation.

However, you should note that this list is not conclusive. There are other cost considerations that you will have to carter for. All city authorities prescribe taxes or permit fees on developers. Yours will not escape this. Ensure that to establish with the authorities the costs that you are supposed to meet.

Presence of molds and insect infestation calls for the eradication of the same. This will automatically raise the cost of installing your new vinyl siding. There can also be structural repairs that have to be done before the installation process.

DIY considerations

It is worth noting that you can handle this project on your own. All you have to do is to investigate the appropriate steps required to do a standard installation successfully. The budget is a crucial consideration. The costs availed here might not be the same as those in your city. Ensure that you understand the cost implications and create a matching budget when preparing for the installation.

You will also have to get all the necessary tools needed for such an undertaking. This still revolves around proper research before the commencement of the process. Ensure that you establish what each tool will be used for.

Further, you will have to ensure that you observe safety precautions when doing this kind of installation. You must have rubber gloves that will cushion your hands from injuries. Equally, you will need industrial boots for your feet. Always have your safety goggles on when undertaking this activity. When using a ladder, you should invite a friend to help hold it for you lest you fall off and injure yourself.

All the steps leading to vinyl siding installation are doable. The only tricky part would be the installation process itself. Vinyl siding installation cost can vary significantly depending on the project. To get a free consultation please call our specialist and ask to handle it for you.