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If you are considering updating your home in Columbus or its surrounding neighborhoods, you should get to know cedar siding. One of the best siding options in the market today, cedar siding is incredibly beautiful and durable, with a timeless appeal and rustic look that can’t be duplicated by man-made products.

Cedar siding is made from red or white cedar, trees that are native to North America. Of all the wood options, cedar is among the most popular because it is exceptionally durable. It is available in a wide array of natural hues, ranging from blond to rich brown tones. When appropriately treated and cared for, this cedar siding can last for decades.

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The house on the picture above features painted cedar board and batten siding with cedar shakes accents on the gables

Beyond its longevity, cedar siding offers numerous aesthetic benefits, bringing a welcoming ambiance to your dwelling, whether you prefer a traditional rustic feel or a more contemporary look. Its distinct grain adds visual allure, which can be enhanced further through staining or painting.

With options including clapboard, bevel, shingles, and shakes, cedar siding provides versatility to suit various architectural styles, and will no doubt improve your property’s value and curb appeal. Not only that, it gives off a delightful scent!

Pros and Cons of Cedar Siding

The selection of cedar grade and type in Columbus hinges on your desired finish. Opting for a higher-quality wood without knots or imperfections is advisable for applications in which the grain will be highlighted with a semi-transparent stain or clear sealer. However, this option can be more expensive. On the other side, if you intend to apply an opaque stain or paint, a lower grade of cedar can be a more economical choice.

There are numerous reasons to choose cedar siding in Columbus. Here are just a few:

  1. Nice looking. It’s the most beautiful choice of siding and will maintain its natural beauty over time
  2. Insulation. It provides exceptional thermal insulation, resulting in lower energy costs for your home.
  3. Durability. The most durable of siding options, it can last for decades if properly maintained.
  4. Eco-Friendly. With a smaller carbon footprint than man-made siding, it is made from a renewable resource and is both biodegradable and reclaimable.
  5. Styling Options. It can be cut into many different styles, grains, and textures and is easy to install.
  6. Versatility of application. It’s suitable for many different types of architectural styles.
  7. Rot Resistant. Because of its natural oils and resins, it is resistant to rotting and insects if properly sealed.
  8. Quiet. It provides a high level of sound insulation.
  9. No need for waterproofing. It is naturally moisture- and decay-resistant.
  10. Temperature Resistant. It can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Despite all its advantages, there are a few reasons why you might not choose cedar siding:

  • Cost. It is an expensive siding option, sometimes costing twice as much as vinyl siding.
  • High maintenance. It needs to be re-stained or repainted every 3 to 5 years.
  • Flammable. Like any other wood, it is flammable if not specially treated.
  • Susceptible to scratching. Cedar wood is delicate and can scratch or dent easily.

Like all wood siding, cedar siding must be properly maintained to achieve its best performance and lifespan.

Types of Cedar Siding

Versatility is one of the many advantages of cedar siding. Because it is made from natural wood, it can be cut and shaped in many different ways. Here are your options if you are considering cedar siding for your home in Columbus:

  • Bevel. This popular type of siding is produced by sawing the wood at an angle to produce two pieces that are thicker on one edge and thinner on the other. The result is an attractive triangular profile. Bevel siding is typically installed horizontally, creating a dynamic shadow line. It is also available in wavy bevel, which has a sawn textured wavy edge.
  • Clapboard. Also known as lap siding, it is created by sawing the boards lengthwise in a pie shape, creating a narrowed edge on one side. The boards are placed one on top of the other Starting at the bottom, with a slight overlap.
  • Log. Homeowners in Columbus can use this style of cedar siding to give their homes a cozy “log cabin” look.
  • Shiplap. Similar to tongue and groove siding, shiplap is a type of drop lap siding with a tight flush joint profile. It, too, can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Tongue and Groove. Each board is milled with a groove on one side and a corresponding tongue on the other, allowing the planks to interlock to create a smooth surface. This type of siding can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you hope to achieve.
  • Board & Batten. Also installed vertically, it consists of alternating wide and narrow boards. The wide boards are evenly spaced across the exterior, with the narrow ones (batten) nailed over the space between them.
  • Wavy Bevel. Also called wavy edge or live edge, this type of siding consists of a natural log edge that has not been cut into a straight line.
  • Shingles. Similar to shakes, shingle siding is sawn smooth on both sides and has a tapered cut, giving it a distinctly modern look. It’s a good option if your home has oddly shaped exterior walls. Cedar shingles are available with a pattern, staggered, and with a round or straight edge.
  • Shakes. While shake siding might look like shingles, it is made using an axe instead of a saw and is thicker and more durable. Shakes are split on one or both sides. Each shake overlaps the other, creating a rustic look.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred style of cedar siding, you have even more options: many different color choices or, if you prefer, solid or transparent stains.

Cedar Siding Types and Profiles - Installation and Repair
Cedar siding has many different shades and grades and can be stained to any solid or transparent color you choose

Cedar Siding Installation & Maintenance

This is when you discover how easy it is to install cedar siding. Although you can do it yourself, you should contact your trusted contractor, because correct installation will help make sure your siding gives you the protection you need while looking good for years to come.

Here is what is a typical renovation process looks like:

  • Dismantle your old siding.
  • Check for damage and make repairs if needed.
  • Attach wall protections such as building papers, rain screens, and insulation.
  • Install sliding with flashings, dryer vents, light fixture boxes, bug screens, soffits, trim boards, overlap corners, and other decorative elements.
  • Clean-up of the construction area.
  • Provide final inspection by the project manager.

Cedar siding requires regular maintenance. To prevent mold and moss from building up, you should power-wash your siding every 2 to 4 years regularly with an oxygen bleach in a mild solution. It will also need to be re-stained or re-painted every 3 to 5 years.

Extractive bleeding caused by the natural tannins in cedar or by water or iron that has come into contact with the wood can occur. You should be able to rinse these stains away simply by using a hose or a mild cleaning solvent.

Get the Best Contractor for the Job

Even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can avoid problems down the line by hiring an experienced siding contractor.

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Ideal Siding® is the most experienced contractor with cedar siding in Columbus, with more than 1,000 projects completed nationwide. We have professional crews with decades of experience in every aspect of siding installation.

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