James Hardie Siding in Columbus, OH

James Hardie® siding has emerged as a distinguished brand in the realm of siding not only in Columbus but also throughout the United States. Renowned for its fiber cement siding, which is commonly referred to as Hardie Plank and Hardie Board, it is the preferred choice for a multitude of renovation and new building endeavors.

Crafted by James Hardie®, the premier global manufacturer of elite fiber cement products since the 1980s, the brand is universally acknowledged for its exceptional durability and superior quality.

Price and installation for James Hardie® Siding from the company Ideal Siding®
The house on the picture above features James Hardie® Straight Edge Shingles and James Hardie® Trim Board and Overcap Corners

The humid continental climate of Columbus, characterized by its hot, humid summers and chilly, snow-laden winters, poses a significant challenge to the integrity of homes. For those in search of resilience, cost-effectiveness, and an extensive selection of colors and textures, James Hardie® siding is an unbeatable choice.

What Is James Hardie® Made of?

What sets James Hardie® apart, making it a preferred choice installed on over 8 million homes throughout the United States? This fiber cement siding is made from a mixture of cement, sand, cellulose fibers, and water. The cement component is crucial for providing compression strength, whereas the cellulose fibers serve as a robust reinforcing agent.

Esteemed for both its longevity and visual attractiveness, this siding is available in long, horizontal strips that echo the look of classic wood lap siding. It’s engineered to mimic the texture and appearance of various siding materials such as wood lapboards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding. Offering a wide array of color options, James Hardie® stands out as a flexible choice that can be installed using the conventional methods associated with lapboard or wood siding.

Pros and Cons of James Hardie® Siding

There are many advantages to using fiber cement siding on your house. While durability and a wide variety of choices are among the most obvious, there are many other reasons to choose James Hardie® siding:

  1. Durability. It is exceptionally durable and able to withstand Columbus’s harsh weather conditions and temperatures. It is resistant to moisture penetration and does not rot, swell, or warp.
  2. Attractiveness. It is aesthetically appealing and will increase your home’s value and curb appeal. It can be made to look like almost any other type of siding that you are considering.
  3. Installed by experts. Most Hardie siding contractors are expertly trained and certified, assuring the best results.
  4. Environmentally friendly. James Hardie® company’s sustainable practices, along with the material make-up of the product, result in siding that is environmentally friendly.
  5. Customizable. Many available styles of Hardie® siding offer a wide range of options to match your home’s architectural style. And it will be easy to find the perfect color.
  6. Low Maintenance. It requires very little maintenance. In fact, all you need to do is clean it twice a year with water and a nylon brush.
  7. Thermal Insulation. This siding has excellent heat retention, eliminating the need for a layer of installation.
  8. Sound-proof. Hardie siding provides excellent soundproofing qualities.
  9. Blends with Existing Styles. It is available in a vast arrange of colors and textures, James Hardie® siding, so it is easy to match with existing schemes or aesthetics.
  10. Remarkably Resistant. Incredibly durable, Hardie® siding is resistant to pets, fire, water, rust, heat, UV radiation, and corrosion.

Choosing Hardie siding comes with minimal drawbacks. While it does carry a higher price tag compared to vinyl siding, its robustness far exceeds that option. When you consider its average lifespan of 50 years, it proves to be an excellent investment, boosting your property’s resale value and delivering the best return on investment in the sector.

Due to its composition, fiber cement is denser than many alternative siding materials, presenting a greater challenge in installation compared to wood and vinyl. Incorrect installation can lead to costly adjustments. Opting for James Hardie®’s highly skilled contractors for the installation of your siding can ensure a more efficient process. Additionally, you may need to repaint your siding around every 15 years, especially if you didn’t choose the pre-painted options directly from their production line.

ColorPlus Technology

The patented ColorPlus technology makes it easy to match your siding to your home’s color scheme. It offers fantastic resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking, resulting in the need for only a minimal amount of maintenance.

Colour palette for James Hardie Siding in Columbus, OH
The color palette for James Hardie® Statement Collection products offered in Ohio (pre-painted siding with ColorPlus Technology)

The proprietary finish is applied in the Hardie® factory, eliminating debris and optimizing adhesion to guarantee long-lasting color and minimal maintenance requirements. Also, the ColorPlus material is applied in multiple coats and cured in a controlled environment, creating a stronger bond between the coats and the siding surface itself. It’s like “baking” the paint on the siding.

Note: Hardie® representatives are so confident in ColorPlus’s ability to retain its color and vibrancy that it comes with a 15-year limited warranty. While it costs a bit extra compared to plain siding, it’s a great choice if you want to maximize your home’s look and heighten its curb appeal.

Types of James Hardie Siding

James Hardie® is available in a wide array of options, allowing you to choose exactly what you need to match your tastes as well as your home’s architectural style.

Here are three of the most common options:

  1. Hardie® Plank Lap Siding. Last year we renovated an average of 80% of houses in the HardiePlank style. This siding is 5/16” thick with six different width options: 5.25”, 6.25”, 7.25”, 8.25”, 9.25”, and 12”. It is ideal for creating a classic, warm, and inviting look. It can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  2. Hardie® Shingle Siding. Shingles, or shake, siding is often associated with Cape Cod-style homes. But it looks great just about anywhere, including Columbus. Available with both staggered and straight edges, it can be installed to draw attention to specific areas of your home’s siding, adding both quality and contrast. This type of siding can be painted or used in its natural appearance.
  3. Hardie® Panel Siding. James Hardie® siding panels offer a contemporary look for modern, minimalist homes. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can choose between a smooth finish or a texture that resembles natural wood. Hardie side panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and are usually cut on-site to create customized profiles and designs.

The diagram below shows what these products look like on the finished house.

Fiber cement siding installation and repair. Boards, planks and panels.
The house on the picture above features James Hardie® Shingle Staggered Edge on the 1st level, James Hardie® Plank on the 1st and 2nd levels, and James Hardie® Panels (Board and Batten) on the gables

Frequently asked questions

How much does James Hardie® installation cost?
James Hardie® fiber cement siding is both affordable and durable and an excellent choice, but it must be installed by a siding professional. Ideal Siding is a preferred James Hardie® siding installer. Our crews will do the job on time and fully comply with the manufacturers’ instructions. James Hardie starts at $9-10 per sq. ft., so the total amount for a 2000 sq. ft. house is approximately $18,000 – $21,000.
Do termites eat Hardie® siding?
Hardie board siding is made from a combination of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. It is resistant to termites as well as many other elements, but it must be properly maintained. If it is neglected, it can become damaged and decline in quality, increasing the potential for pests. For general care and maintenance, you should clean the siding regularly, and maintain gutters, spouting and drainage
Can Hardie® siding be painted?
Yes, you can easily paint or stain Hardie siding. It is available in a wide range of colors. If we don’t have the specific color you have in mind, we can deliver it primed and ready to paint.
Is the board impenetrable?
Hardie board is not 100% impenetrable, yet it is extremely durable. It is resistant to all types of weather and pests, and is also Class A fire rated.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Trusted Siding Contractor

Fiber cement siding installation is a complex task that requires experienced, trained experts. To get the most out of Hardie siding by revitalizing your home’s appearance and increasing its appeal, you should hire a Hardie siding Columbus contractor. That’s why we have the top crews in the industry and work with the most reputable suppliers and contractors in the Midwest.

Here’s a glance at what Ideal Siding® company offers:

  • We will create a plan and a free visual mockup for your house, considering your property’s specific characteristics and features.
  • We will complete our installation task professionally and promptly, according to industry standards and best practices.
  • We will work within the agreed-upon schedule to make the renovation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Ideal Siding® Columbus is North America’s fastest-growing siding company. We have learned from years of experience to ensure the best installation results for our customers.

If you are looking for a supplier and contractor for James Hardie® and vinyl siding in Columbus, your search is over: Ideal Siding® is one of the most trusted siding companies in the area. Call us today for a free quote.

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We offer James Hardie® siding with a 25-year Workmanship Warranty and a Price Match Guarantee.


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