Step by Step Installation of Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding installation is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, thanks to its unmatched super qualities. To avoid spending too much on hiring a professional contractor, you can follow these DIY steps to achieve low-cost, high-quality vinyl siding for your house.
Installation of Fiber Cement Siding
Many people think that installing Fiber Cement Siding (FCS) is a complicated task, yet that is never the case. Though somewhat different from the use of other siding materials, for instance, vinyl siding, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation faithfully. You should also confirm with your local building inspector if any code requirements […]
Installation of Board and Batten Siding
Are you looking for real beauty and charm in your home, cabin, or garage? Board and batten will give you more than just that, with a durable siding system that is very easy to repair. It comes with wide and narrow overlaying boards that are long-lasting and easily repairable in case of damage.
Replacing an Exterior Window with Vinyl Siding
Most people think that removing an exterior window of a house with vinyl siding is a difficult task. On the contrary, the task is quick and easy.
Identifying Asbestos Siding
Homeowners are always wary of potentially hazardous material in their residences. One of these dangerous substances is asbestos. This is due to their carcinogenic and toxic features, especially when airborne. In most old houses, there is the likelihood of asbestos occurrence on the roof. They also harbour asbestos in their tiles and insulation. In some […]
How Do You Hang Heavy Things on Vinyl Siding?
Most homeowners are usually overwhelmed by the desire to make their houses attractive. Most of these homes have vinyl siding. This calls for the best strategies that can be used in hanging such decorations on the walls covered by vinyl siding. If this is the case with your home, you don’t have to worry about […]
How to Cut Siding
Circumstance dictates the way you cut your vinyl siding. There are three main options of cut that you can choose from. A circular saw is most preferred when you intend to cut a lot of vinyl strips. It is also the most effective method for making short and vertical cuts. If you are cutting just […]
Cleaning Vinyl Siding
When cleaned appropriately, vinyl siding is bound to give your home the most desired aesthetic look. Cleaning is necessary because vinyl sliding gathers dirt, stains, mold and mildew with time. This is likely to give your home’s exterior a pathetic look. We, therefore, give you simple tips that will help your home restore its dwindling […]
How do You Clean Aluminum Siding
Cleaning aluminum siding is an easy task that you can take on all by yourself. However, if you cannot handle these simple steps, you are free to hire the services of a commercial cleaning company. Most homeowners prefer using aluminum siding for their houses across the globe. This is guided by the belief that aluminum […]
Siding Material Calculator
As a homeowner, there comes a time that you either want to replace an old vinyl siding in your home or you need to install it for the first time all together. This can be a complex process for you without getting the right information. You will most definitely be concern about the costs involved […]
What is The Cost of Vinyl Siding?
Vinyl siding is essential for your house, especially if you care about beauty. It encloses the exterior surface of the house, giving it an enhanced appearance. It also sets in insulating properties. One of the commonest siding materials is vinyl. Installation costs for vinyl siding differ depending on factors such as the material used and […]
Removing Small Pieces of Vinyl Siding
One of the best ways to protect your home exterior is by using vinyl siding. However, despite the strength and protection that it provides, some forces are usually too strong for it to withstand-like baseballs and hailstones. In case your home’s vinyl siding is hit and damaged by such things, do not worry, as they […]

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